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Grow in the sun


Sun Street is a Hotel with a heartbeat, pumping with the passion of our team.

Our vision

Sun Street Hotel stands out by the personality of its team. Delivering unique experiences for our guests with pride, passion and heart. Creating a place of fun, familiarity and fabulous service. We invite our guests to enter an environment that is the antidote to the ordinary and the everyday.


Our core values

Sun Street Hotel has a heartbeat.

  • You can sense it from the warmth of our hospitality (people do business with people they like, know and trust)
  • You can see it from the way our eyes sparkle with the passion and pride for what we do
  • You can reach out and touch it – in the character and soul of our building


Our mission

To be a Hotel with a heartbeat:

  • Create an environment where people want to be – just as much for our team as for our guests
  • Smile and engage, creating lasting relationships with our colleagues and guests
  • Be a hotel where generosity, care and fun are at the forefront of everything we do
  • Drive the character and uniqueness of the building by the story we tell and the service we provide


Our emotional values

  • Generosity: We give when we are not expected to. Our generosity is our power to WOW.
  • Friendliness: We treat guests like friends and not strangers (we keep our guests at the centre of everything we do).
  • Passion: We are innovative, pursuing new ideas and transforming them into real guest value
  • Entertaining: We ensure that staying at Sun Street is a real experience, giving our guests every reason to return!


Our physical values

  • Character:  Sun Street is steeped in history
  • Individual: Among a city (and complex) of high-rise, modern buildings, Sun Street is a unique gateway to our little haven
  • Design: Using the building’s history in its design, Sun Street mixes the old and historic, weaving a story through all its rooms
  • Comfort: Our simple promise – we look after you and make you feel at ease. Sleep Well, Eat Well, Feel Well

Join us and shine like the sun