Luxury boutique hotel in Shoreditch City of London
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Sun Street people

The people who make the Sun shine

General Manager

Jake Greenall

“Although my ambition had been, from a very young age, to be a professional jockey,” says Jake Greenall, General Manager of Sun Street Hotel, “there’s a lot that I took from those years that prepared me for my more conventional working career.”

“Opening a new hotel is fantastically challenging,” says Jake, “but also it’s such an opportunity to establish the culture and build a team. It’s important that we all remain focused on why we all came into the hospitality industry – we’re absolutely determined to have fun and be positive and generous-spirited, because that attitude will always transmit to our guests and be part of their enjoyment of staying at Sun Street.”

Housekeeping Manager

Ana Maria Ginga

“I like to make people happy!” says Ana Maria, our experienced Housekeeping Manager, who has previously worked both in a boutique 5* hotel and major international groups, and remains passionate about every aspect of her job.

“I love working in housekeeping for the cleanliness and presentation, and I like to stay positive and smiling at all times, as I believe that’s a solution for pretty much everything.”

“I like working with people, training them and helping people to improve. I have a lot of experience across various housekeeping roles, and so I try to be a leader, not a boss. I understand each position because I’ve done all of them myself.”

Front Office Manager

Emily Evans

“My first job in hospitality was aged 15, in a pub in Wales, where I grew up”, says our Front of House Manager, Emily. “I fell in love with hospitality as a career, there and then, so later I did a degree in hospitality management.”

“I find it really fascinating that hospitality is one of the very few business structures where you are open every hour, every day. I always wanted to come to London – there’s never a dull moment here, and you meet people from all walks of life.”

“My philosophy is to encourage my team to pay attention to small details – remembering how a guest likes their coffee, the name of their dog – because when you build relationships and show that you’ve listened, it makes everything more enjoyable, both for you and for the guest.”