Strategy meetings

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When strategic thinking is needed, escape the confines of the office and settle down into our eight hour meeting chairs, crunch the numbers and develop your strategy in style.

Perfect for small meetings with up to 12 participants, our meeting room is equipped with large TV creen, video conferencing equipment, comfortable chairs and natural daylight, stationery box and flipchart.

  • The Tasting Room

    Natural daylight and comfortable "eight hour" chairs.

  • Video equipment

    WiFi connect for laptops and video conference capability.

  • Quercus

    Take a break for lunch in Quercus.

  • The Club Lounge

    Perfect for less formal meetings.

  • The Libary

    For creative meetings choose the Library.

Create your personalised strategy meeting event

Select an event space
The Tasting Room
Up to 12 guests

£1,250 minimum spend

The Club Lounge
Up to 25 guests

£1,250 minimum spend

The Libary
Up to 25 guests

£1,250 minimum spend

If you need accommodation we'll add this to your final quote.

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